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asier said than done right? WRONG! We can help you managing getting your idea, product, or brand out to the public.

An indie rock/pop-punk band based out of San Pedro said it best when they avowed, “your image is all you got.


What you do, what you say, what others are saying, is all public relations. In today’s market, reputation and perception can be a company’s biggest assets. Whether you need to manage public perception, plan and promote a major event or navigate a crisis, Johnson, Inc. has the experience and creativity to meet your public relations needs.

We’ve got your back.


We’ve had the pleasure of working with some of the top corporations in the country to develop impactful campaigns that increase awareness, enhance reputation, drive traffic, and/or boost revenue.

At Johnson, Inc., our team of PR experts will communicate your organization’s messages to the right audience at the right time. It’s the JI way!


Media Planning

We provide a broad range of media messaging, planning and placement services to help our clients achieve a constant flow of on-target, on-message media coverage with the best possible rates and leveraged value.


Media Relations

Media Relations entails linking a company’s messages with the various media outlets, like television stations, newspapers, bloggers, etc.  to achieve optimal coverage.  Johnson, Inc. remains highly skilled and can connect with media of all levels to ensure a brand’s message is communicated well.

From organizing press conferences, to composing PSA’s, press releases, and media advisories, our team of experienced PR professionals maintains a thorough understanding of the latest PR techniques to inform your publics, increase awareness, generate publicity, and/or change behavior.


Reputation Management

Anything that you say and/or do, how you say it, and what others are saying is Reputation Management.  As your reputation grows, so does your brand and its value. A good reputation allows your brand to maintain a competitive advantage and enhance its credibility- but this doesn’t happen overnight.

We hold over 20 years of experience in helping clients proactively build, maintain, and protect their corporate reputation-from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses. We will work to develop a customized strategy that helps you maintain a thriving relationship with your various publics, positioning you to be able to mediate the tough situations.


Community/Government Relations

We have spent years establishing relationships with a number of elected officials, council members, agency representatives, and industry-leading journalists to provide a voice for our clients, helping them to navigate the political landscape.

Our team has a solid history of serving a variety of community, corporate and government clients. We will work as your advocate to engage key constituents, with a goal of ultimately influencing public policy at the federal, state or local level.


Crisis Management

If your company encounters a crisis and your reputation is at stake, you can count on us to help you put out the fires.

Our fast response crisis management team will provide you with a strategic action plan to protect your most valued asset-your reputation. Our team is comprised of top industry professionals and will provide around-the-clock support so that you can quickly and confidently manage any crisis situation.